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Bab Zouina,

Marrakech, Morocco

Our activities

The activities at Bab Zouina are focused on the search for human balance.

We organise well-being & relaxation stays and essentially retreats on the following themes:

Yoga is a science devoted to the health of the body and to the peace, strength and clarity of the mind. Good digestion, deep sleep, vitality and enthusiasm, the correct functioning of internal organs, flexibility and muscles toned, a feeling of joy and ease are some of the benefits acquired by the regular practice of yoga.

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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It is the visual expression of words and sounds. In a similar way as other traditional arts such as music, architecture and illumination, calligraphy is the expression of harmony, balance and beauty.

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Founded in the past century by Masunaga Senseï, the Iokai Shiatsu (shi: fingers and atsu: pressure) is a relatively young Japanese technique. Its sources, however, go very far back. Tuina, a traditional Chinese body technique dating back to about 2700 BC, is considered the mother of shiatsu.

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Iokai Shiatsu

The travel sketchbook is a discipline in its own right. A multi-creative discipline that includes writing, drawing, collage, photo and layout. It is a testimony, a mode of expression and transmission.
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Travel Sketchbook

As an authentic expression of sincere joy and profound sadness, Flamenco was born after the Middle Ages in Andalusia, the rich crossroads of Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures. The Flamenco singing has connections with the Portuguese fado, both having the same interiority and the same depth.

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A healthy mind in a healthy body. Our modern, sedentary life, often behind a computer, needs a release of tension to regain well-being. Regular physical activity is essential for a balanced mind and body.
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Sport, health & well-being

The Hammam is a real tradition in Morocco, a place of relaxation par excellence. It is an indispensable beauty and purification ritual in our rich culture.
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Hiking and nature lovers, embark on a unique adventure! Come to the Sahara Desert and attend a unique star gazing night.

Trekking in the Atlas Tour of the Sahara

Discovery & Trekking

Hiking and nature lovers, embark on a unique adventure! Come to the Sahara Desert and attend a unique star gazing night.

Trekking in the Atlas Tour of the Sahara

Discovery & Trekking

Because we care

Our values


For its guests, Bab Zouina offers throughout the year a unique, authentic and friendly experience in a peaceful place at the foot of the Atlas. It promotes learning and exchange while encouraging moments ‘connected’ to nature and to oneself (rather than to technology). A healthy mind in a healthy body is our motto. Also, prefers quality to quantity, especially in the choice of the teachers who provide the courses. In addition, the themes and activities proposed remain linked to healthy and harmonious personal development.

For its partners (i.e. suppliers, service providers, etc.), Bab Zouina acts according to an ethic based on integrity as well as social and ecological respect. Acting locally and sustainably: this is one of our main principles. Having the privilege of being in an idyllic place, Bab Zouina strive to preserve and improve its immediate environment. This is done through the choice of local and organic products, a local culture respectful of ecosystems, a responsible and efficient management of resources and waste, energy saving and the use of renewable energy where possible.

Small is beautiful. Bab Zouina aims at an harmonious development of its business while relying on the community of surrounding villages. Its employees, subcontractors and service providers come mainly from Douar Sbiti and neighbouring villages. We Zouina want to create real added value in the Ourika Valley by relying on local skills and developing them.

Each year, Bab Zouina contributes to the economic and social development of Ourika. To this end, a tripartite partnership between Rustik Pathways (International NGO), the Development Association of Douar Sbiti and Bab Zouina can accommodate hundreds of young people from the United States, Europe and Asia for several weeks. On the one hand, these volunteers help the village build a children’s day care center and a women’s workshop, help improve the infrastructure, and set up a clinic. On the other hand, living in the village for a few days, these young people have the opportunity to better know the local culture and its values. Bab Zouina creates bridges in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and tolerance.

Bab Zouina: Where Tourism Meets Community and Community Means All (published in Morocco World News). 

Marrakech, Morocco

Our place

The Ourika valley is a little bit of Paradise on earth. Bab Zouina (Door of Beauty in Moroccan) is located at the foot of the Atlas mountains, three hours by camel from the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh. This enchanting place, surrounded by olive trees, still lives with the rhythm of nature. The purity of the air, the invigorating smells, and the ochre soil interspersed with varied hues of green provides a wonderful opportunity to enliven the senses and to facilitate contemplation. The magic of this wonderful site is enhanced by the changing light during the day and the clarity of the starry sky at night.

Bab Zouina is a traditional riad, a gorgeous Moroccan villa, located on a beautiful piece of land planted with fruit trees, palm trees and a vegetable garden. The house is spacious and has many nooks and corners for the different times of the day. Bab Zouina has various terraces and peaceful places that allow visitors to relax.

The amazing Swedish artist and landscaper, Catharina von Unge, conceived and designed the sumptuous ornamental garden surrounding the property of Bab Zouina. She managed to combine a British aesthetic taste with the rusticity and simplicity of the place. By using the plant and mineral forms, she managed to enhance the alternation of light and shadow depending on the time of the day. Earthen and ocher stone trails, framed with thyme and lavender hedges, meander among lantana bushes, rose trees, agave families, and exotic flowers.

Imposing stones from underneath the earth were laid in the manner of Breton menhirs throughout the garden in order to stress the curves of the iron arches adorned with jasmine or bougainvillea. The benches, deckchairs, umbrellas, and Moroccan zellij tile tables offer an authentic and local character to the terraces and places of relaxation. Finally, with the Mexican corner and its incredible varieties of cactus, Catharina dares to hint at the Majorelle garden by Yves Saint Laurent and the neighboring garden by André Heller. To discover various aspects of Catharina’s artwork:

During the Spring, flowers of all colours blossom everywhere. The Summer gives the fields a beautiful golden colour. Autumn is punctuated by olive picking and pressing the precious oil. Finally, Winter allows the earth to regenerate and to regain its vitality and the Atlas looms over the valley often covered in snow.

Struck by the calmness of the surrounding countryside, our ears start listening to the continuous chirping of the birds, the braying of the donkeys, the crowing of the cock and the call of the cuckoo, the croaking of the toads and the frogs, the laughter of children playing in the distance, the call to prayer by the muezzin from the neighbouring mosque, the refrain of sounds from the farmers in their fields…


What people say?

What an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place! It was a dream to stay here and practice yoga here with such an inspiring teacher. A week is far too short!

Lewys J. & Hafsa B.

We had such a wonderful time here!!!
It's such a peaceful retreat.
Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

California, USA

This is an extraordinary peaceful place, radiating a quiet vibrancy not felt in the city. Thank you for the delicious food, and for sharing this piece of paradise with us.

South Africa

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While our employees come mainly from Douar Sbiti and neighbouring villages, our teachers and customers come from all over the world.

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