Ecoconstruction Workshop

The Yoga_Architecture eco-construction workshop is an 8-day internship, from 06 to 13 July 2024, of initiation and reinforcement of skills in the field of construction based on local materials through the construction of a covered pavilion of 3m on 3m, from foundation to finish.

The workshop is designed for architects who want to deepen their knowledge in eco-construction, which is in great demand today; architecture students who are looking for a way to put accumulated theories into practice and discover the ecological processes of designing and building, people who want to build their own houses.

The workshop was developed around 4 main components:

Practical aspect: 70% of the activities of the internship consist of workshops to implement ten eco-construction techniques: lime foundations, capillary anti rising basement, adobe, rammed earth, BTC, traditional earthen roof, lime mortar dressing, tadellakt, earth coating, natural paint. 

Theoretical component: to complete the practice, lectures will be given by architects, engineers and eco-builders on themes such as: architectural bio-design, seismic sizing of buildings in local materials, programming, budgeting and management of an eco-construction project. 

Discovery component: Many people denigrate local materials wrongly. Participants will visit architectural sites very rich in terms of materials and construction techniques and the holistic design of places. They will also visit a Moroccan eco-village that was created locally with a unique operating system that differs from the Western system widely taught in architecture schools.



  • The setting of the  workshop was carefully chosen to ensure comfort and serenity. Built entirely with natural materials, Bab Zouina is a yoga center designed to promote connection to nature and self and allows experiencing the comfort offered by buildings made of local materials. It also has a massage area, a traditional hammam, and a natural swimming pool.
  • Yoga:  Iyengar yoga sessions will be provided in the morning to awaken body and mind. 
  • Pottery: handling the earth is an activity of relaxation and eliminate stress. A pottery workshop will be led by a local master potter. 
  • Other:  many other fun and meditation activities will be led by participants 

Workshop Fees: all in one !

Workshop fees include accommodation, food (full board), training, yoga sessions, pottery workshop, tours, transportation during the workshop. The price depends on the type of room:

  • Quadruple room: 8900 MAD
  • Triple room: 9900 MAD
  • Double room: 11500 MAD
  • Single room: 13500 MAD


To register contact +212636.12.49.16 or 

The confirmation of registration is done by transfer of 50% of the registration fee. The rest will be completed on arrival at Bab Zouina.

Next workshops

6 – 13 July 2024

Eco-construction Workshop

Palakiyém Konga & Co.


Konga Palakiyém

Holistic Architecture Designer (Yoga_Architecture).

Oussama Moukmir

Eco-construction entrepreneur and co-founder of Labina for sustainable architecture.

Khalil M. El Ghilali

Architect-urbanist, researcher on alternative architectures (Atelier Be).

President of the association Tizi N’Oucheg for development.

Khalid Ben Youssef

Master potter and manager of the Berber ecomuseum in Tafza in the Ourika Valley.

mr koutous.jpeg

Engineer and Doctor of Civil Engineering, Structural Sizing Specialist of Local Materials Buildings.

Fili Abdallah

Professor and researcher in medieval history and archaeology in Morocco.

Founder of the project “La dame du chantier” for artisanal finishes in natural materials.

Eco-construction company specialized in BTC.

Président de l’association Tizi N’Oucheg pour le développement.