The activities at Bab Zouina are focused on the search for human balance. Bab Zouina organises well-being & relaxation stays and essentially retreats.

The workshops at Bab Zouina are carried out in a spirit of friendliness and respect. We generally gather in small groups (maximum 15 people) in order to enable quality teaching and good communication among the participants.

Depending on the number of participants, they are accommodated in large and beautiful guest rooms with 3 people per room (double or single rooms are available on request). An additional large room serves as a common area.

The meals are prepared with local products and fresh bread is baked daily in a traditional earth oven. The Moroccan and Berber cuisine is a delight in itself. Tagines cooked by Aisha, Fatima and Mina emit the pleasant scent of Oriental spices and make every meal a small feast and provide the therapy of healthy and tasty food. Delicious fresh juices are prepared each morning to start the day with a large glass of vitamins and energy.

The surrounding countryside provides a backdrop for beautiful walks every day. A pool is available for those who enjoy swimming. The Ourika valley is generally very sunny (300 days per year) with significant temperature variations between day and night (don’t forget your woollen pull-over, even in the Summer…). Rain is concentrated during the Winter months and the heat during the 2 months of Summer.

Yoga is a science devoted to the health of the body and to the peace, strength and clarity of the mind. Good digestion, deep sleep, vitality and enthusiasm, the correct functioning of internal organs, flexibility and muscles toned, a feeling of joy and ease are some of the benefits acquired by the regular practice of yoga.

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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It is the visual expression of words and sounds. In a similar way as other traditional arts such as music, architecture and illumination, calligraphy is the expression of harmony, balance and beauty.

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Founded in the past century by Masunaga Senseï, the Iokai Shiatsu (shi: fingers and atsu: pressure) is a relatively young Japanese technique. Its sources, however, go very far back. Tuina, a traditional Chinese body technique dating back to about 2700 BC, is considered the mother of shiatsu.

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Iokai Shiatsu

The travel diary is a discipline in its own right. A multi-creative discipline that includes writing, drawing, collage, photography and layout. It is a testimony, a mode of expression and transmission.
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Travel Sketchbook

As an authentic expression of sincere joy and profound sadness, Flamenco was born after the Middle Ages in Andalusia, the rich crossroads of Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures. The Flamenco singing has connections with the Portuguese fado, both having the same interiority and the same depth.

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Pilates, also called Pilates method, is an intelligent, holistic and whole body training, which Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed at the beginning of the 20th century. He developed a system of exercises which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Pilates believed that mental and physical health were interrelated.

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More information on complementary acupuncture methods coming soon
Coming soon


More information on complementary Moxibustion methods coming soon


More information on complementary Chinese dietetics methods coming soon

Chinese dietetics

In collaboration with Majda Scharl, Swiss Olympic elite sports coach and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist, Bab Zouina offers workshops to "let go" and discover simple techniques to preserve your health and improve your well-being.

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Sport, health & well-being

More information on complementary Coaching methods coming soon


Hiking and nature lovers, embark on a unique adventure! Come to the Sahara Desert and attend a unique star gazing night.

Trekking in the Atlas Tour of the Sahara

Discovery & Trekking

On an optional basis and according to interest and demand, the following side activities can be organised :

Important information

Registration and cancellation policy

Registration and cancellation policy

Registration is confirmed after payment of deposit. In case of cancelation by the participant, the down payment will not be reimbursed. For any cancellation by the participant, the following conditions apply:

  • Less than 30 days before the workshop: 70% of the registration fees are due
  • Less than 7 days before the workshop: 100% of the registration fees are due

In this respect, participants are strongly encouraged to contract their own travel cancellation insurance.

Important information



Bab Zouina cannot be held responsible of any damage or accident incurred by participants. Each participant will be in charge of all his insurance (travel, accident, liability, etc.) for the whole duration of the stay and for all activities.