Travel Sketchbook

Travel Sketchbook is the art of capturing a travel destination through illustrations and words. The intent is to create your own interpretation of a given place and tell a personal story.

Historically, sketchbooks were used before the invention of cameras to capture sights around the world. An early pioneer of travel sketchbooks, Eugène Delacroix documented his journey through Morocco in the early 1800’s, incorporating drawings, gouache and watercolour paintings alongside his annotations.

Bab Zouina regularly welcomes two complementary artists: Michel, a master illustrator and photographer, and Emmanuelle, a literary expert and journalist. During travel sketchbook workshops participants will utilize the skills acquired to capture their adventures in Morocco and beyond.


Specifically, the workshops will address:

– History and theory of the travel journal
– Collage and layout exercises
– Writing exercises
– Practice and tips for sketching & photography
– Storytelling exercises using words and images
– Sharing circles

For examples and more information on travel sketchbooks, the following links may be consulted:

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Travel sketchbook retreat

Michel Krafft & Emmanuelle Ryser

The teachers


Michel is a photographer and handles sketching like others are fluent in a foreign language. Image director at the Museum of Zoology, he is equally at ease with photography, Indian ink, colored pencils or charcoal. From his travels far away (India) or close by (Italy, Glarus), he brings back sketchbooks. Self-taught, he has a great curiosity for techniques and technologies.


Emmanuelle is a journalist and lover of words. She collects notebooks: diary since childhood, thematic notebook on theater or family album, personal guide of Paris and travel notebooks. The slightest trip abroad gives rise to a few pages written, colored and animated with collages.

After 10 years in museum communication, she became “independent of writing”. Her activity is divided between collections of life stories, journalism and animation of writing workshops.